Welcoming Pilates Instructor Bev Tabern to the LB Online Fitness Team

Hi Ladies, I am extremely excited to welcome Bev Tabern to the LB Online Fitness Team. I have known Bev for several years and not only is she the most popular Pilates Instructor I know, she is a beautiful woman who truly appreciates the benefits of movement.

Bev will be conducting a 45-minute Pilates class on the second Thursday of every month, 8pm-8:45pm COMPLETELY FREE as part of your LB Online Fitness Membership.

These will be a provided live, however, if you can’t join in live, all of her classes will remain available for you to enjoy at your convenience, over and over again!

We are very privileged to have Bev on board and I am confident that you will enjoy her sessions and feel the benefits to supplement your training and enhance your wellbeing.

Here, Bev shares a few words below to introduce herself.

Hi, I’m Bev and I’m looking forward to sharing my love for Pilates with you.

Here’s a little bit about me. I was always ‘sporty’ as a child and wanted to have a go at every sport I could, focusing mostly on dancing and netball. Obviously as a child I didn’t really think about fitness, it was all about fun and enjoyment.

I went on to do a Sports Science Degree and alongside that I completed my Exercise to Music Qualification (fitness/aerobics instructor). One qualification led to another and I kept hearing about Pilates and how in demand instructors were. In all honesty I had no idea what it was, I just knew it was lower impact exercise than I had been used to and didn’t think it would be my thing!

Anyway, long story short, I did the course and soon discovered the benefits! I started to feel stronger and healthier, and it brought an awareness to my body that I hadn’t experienced before.

Fast forward 14 years and I’m still getting stronger and enjoying the benefits of Pilates. After having my daughter, Pilates was what got me back to feeling like me again. Starting off right back to basics, I was able to build my strength back up slowly. It really is the foundation, I believe, for true physical well-being.

I can’t wait to share the journey of Pilates with you.

See you on the mat.
Bev xx 

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