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“Focus on progress not perfection.”

Laura Bromley

beyond my expectations

I decided to turn to coaching after meeting Laura in a gym. Her level of skill, demeanour and attentiveness are characteristics I deeply admire about her. My initial goal was to focus on resistance training getting comfortable again using the weight machines found on most gym floors. A bonus would be a leaner looking me. With her help, I was able to achieve beyond my expectations. 

Laura is an excellent motivator, has good all-round observation and knowledge to quickly correct technique or adapt exercises according to your needs. Her nutritional guidance complimented my training programme perfectly and consisted of meals that were simple to cook with limited impact to my daily routine; as she will tell you, planning is key. Laura is an inspirational Coach who walks the walk and talks the talk, welcoming, warm, focused and driven to delivering your goals.

Your Life Will be better for it

I was introduced to Laura through a mutual friend, who had nothing but lovely things to say about her. I got in touch and well the rest is history. Laura has been there for my ups and more importantly my downs. I have been plagued with injury this year and finding out I need an operation to repair damage to my knee was the last thing I wanted to hear. Laura was there every step of the way and made me feel ‘human’ at a time when I had lost all motivation and drive to keep going and look after myself, when my body needed it the most. 

I never feel like I can’t message her and nothing is ever a problem. She has a nice mix of knowledge from personal experiences and years of coaching which makes her unique and very compassionate to her clients (which you don’t always get). I had the pleasure of meeting her in person and she surpassed all my expectations. She has reignited my love and passion for fitness and I am really looking forward to seeing where I can take my fitness journey. If you have the pleasure of working with Laura your life will be the better for it.


the best results I had ever seen

I began working with Laura 6 months after having my second child in an attempt to shift the baby weight. Having previously tried every fad diet going yet finding I could never stick to them for long as I was constantly hungry, I was looking for a different approach. I was introduced to Laura through a mutual friend and was immediately put at ease with her vibrant and positive approach. Straight away I felt that she was someone that I could work with and would help me to feel comfortable in a gym environment. I had always been intimidated by a gym setting however through coaching with Laura she knew how hard to push me and I rapidly began to start seeing results, furthermore I was actually enjoying it.

The meal and training plans were specifically tailored to me and within 3 months of starting I was delighted to have lost 10kgs. However more noticeable was the change in my shape and strength. I felt healthy and strong and my attitude to food has changed. I was eating well and no longer hungry between meals yet seeing the best results I had ever seen.  

helpful, supportive & encouraging

Online coaching with Laura is such an incredible way of staying accountable and motivated – with regular support from a trusted fitness professional. It’s a great way to find out and ask questions about nutrition and training that you would not have known yourself. It’s convenient and even more affordable than having an actual “physical” coach.

My experience has been really helpful, supportive and encouraging. For people who need that extra helping hand – I cannot recommend Laura enough. Her continual support and attention to detail has really exceeded my expectations and for this I am very grateful! For those who are considering it – just do it! You won’t regret it.

If only more women knew about the Gem that is Laura and her online community. Thank you for making everything so clear and simple with the training plan and nutrition guidelines. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with you. Thank you sooooo much!

Women fitness training

better than i ever imagined

I have been working with Laura since September 2019 and have been so impressed with the service. My results have been better than I ever imagined.

Laura provides continued support and encouragement which helps immensely with motivation levels. She is very pragmatic and recognises the value of working WITH the client, adapting my plan to my needs and lifestyle. It is this steady and realistic approach that I feel has led to the fantastic results I’ve seen.
The various resources available (mobile app, website) are very easy to use, and the additional social media posts provide ideas for recipes, exercises to do in different situations, etc. which I also really benefit from.

I can’t recommend the team enough. 

it's all about changing habits

I reached out to Laura because I had seen the results she is able to achieve. I have had personal training before and have to admit that coaching with Laura has provided the most significant and visible results, even in the first month. Working with Laura doesn’t only mean training, she makes sure she understands your goals and capabilities, she cares about your physical progress, fat loss, strength gains and overall health (including mental health).

The exercise programme was matched to my skills and expectations and included weight exercises, some cardio, and a manageable diet. Every week Laura checked my progress and also made sure I was on track through the week, she was always on the other end of email or phone. She would adjust the exercises and diet depending on how I felt about it, what I wanted to achieve and my progress.

Overall after 3 months of training I felt much better about myself, my body was changing in the right direction and I was learning to manage my calories. Obviously that wasn’t the end of my journey! As Laura will tell you, it’s all about changing habits and being happy with yourself.

Over 1.5 years on and I still go to the gym, food is not so scary anymore and I’m much happier. Laura is very knowledgeable and is able to provide a personalised training plan, nutritional expertise as well as much needed encouragement, but most importantly, Laura listens and cares, therefore you van achieve your goals.


this isn't a fad - this is for life

Over the last 4 weeks Laura has been a HUGE support and lifeline for me. She has so much knowledge and passion which she has shared with me – something that I have really appreciated.

This is not the first time I have embarked on a health and fitness plan, but this is the first time where I have seen some massive differences not just in my body but also in my well-being, which is so important to me. I am over the moon with the results I have seen; I’ve lost weight, lost inches, have better skin, more energy and I am actually enjoying the meals – which is a first, as I used to skip them!

Thank you so much for everything Laura (this includes me texting you a restaurant menu and you helping me choose what I should eat)! I can’t wait for the next 4 weeks and where this lifestyle journey us going to take me, as you have correctly shown me this isn’t a fad or a diet, this is for life.

strong & body Confident

My experience working with LB Online Fitness was brilliant. We discussed the results I was hoping for and they made them happen. I have never been as strong and as body confident as I was when I was working with Laura (since my early 20’s anyway).

Laura worked me hard and kept me focused. She varied my workouts so I didn’t get bored and helped me to maintain an improved nutritional plan. Throughout this time I also made a good friend, you can’t help but warm to Laura as she is a kind and compassionate woman. Laura never failed to be enthusiastic and supportive of my goals.


women's weight loss

Delighted with the results

Online coaching with Laura is such a valuable experience. I am delighted with the results I am getting – not just the weight loss, but the definition that I sometimes can’t quite believe is on *my* body. I feel stronger, fitter and happier in my own skin. Much of this is due to Laura’s ongoing positive and encouraging attitude and support. I hadn’t expected the process to be so holistic and the attention to my well-being, not just my shape and how hard (or not) I’ve been training, has been an additional bonus.

I can thoroughly recommend LB Online Fitness for the ease of use (straightforward tracking, app etc.) but mostly for the professional, knowledgeable, personal and caring nature of the support that is given.

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I have loads of energy and have not felt hungry at all! Simple to do and easy to follow. I highly recommend LB Online Fitness.

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