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We believe that every woman deserves to feel good! We know from personal experience what it feels like to suffer with negative self-talk, act out self-sabotaging behaviours and feel unhappy in your own skin.

We also know what it’s like to feel incredible.

We are committed to providing women with a high-quality fitness, nutrition and support system in which they can embrace a healthy lifestyle with the guidance and expertise that we have to offer. 

“Every day is an opportunity to be the remarkable woman you were designed to be.”

Laura Bromley

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Education on;


Training, tracking and 24/7 support provided through our dedicated app...

Join our membership to get FREE access to our app and online community. Complete with step by step video coaching, training programmes and tracking to ensure you master technique at your own pace, whilst improving strength, fitness and stamina. Also enjoy our monthly recipe book packed with healthy, delicious and easy recipes to keep you on track towards your goals.

The weight is coming off, inches lost and I am eating a well balanced, healthy diet. I would highly recommend LB Online Fitness.

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We can offer dedicated one to one exclusive Online Coaching. please get in touch to discuss your requirements further