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Do you ever feel the flutter of comparison or an anxiety about getting older?

Being in an image driven industry and increasing in age has recently unsurfaced some insecurities and doubts for me. However, rather than push these aside, I choose to welcome them and address them head on. As I do so, I feel increasingly liberated, vulnerable and wonderfully free!

I am 41. I no longer look 20, my skin has a few wrinkles, my body has changed following childbirth, and I have never been… nor will ever be… glamourous!

However, as I learn to embrace my changing body and maturing age….I feel proud. For with this age comes over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, it brings a lifetime of personal experience in addressing negative body image and overcoming emotional eating and it has allowed me to help thousands of individuals over the years to conquer their challenges and become their best selves.

One certainty in life is change and I urge to you welcome it with open arms, embrace it and be thankful for what it has brought for you.

Love the wrinkles, they are a result of millions of smiles! Love the altered boobs, they have nurtured your children. Love the soft skin around your middle, it expanded to carry your baby. Love the frown lines, they have overcome multiple challenges and made you stronger.

Love every part of you, for it’s what makes YOU, YOU.

What are your main insecurities or worries at the moment? I challenge you to begin addressing them by writing them down and notice the liberation as you do so!

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With love

Laura πŸ’—

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