Is Your Skin Trying To Tell You Something?

As we enter the autumn season, our skin can begin to feel dry and cracked. However, rather than blame the weather, it could be that your skin is trying to tell you something. In this article, we look deeper than the surface of the skin to find out more.

The skin covers your entire body and is your largest organism. It is made up of water, protein, lipids, minerals and chemicals. 

It has several layers and plays many crucial roles; protecting us against infection, preventing excess water loss, keeping us warm, regulating our temperature, synthesising vitamin D and providing us with feeling and sensation.  Your skin is a pretty smart piece of engineering!

Being such an integral part of the body, it is therefore not surprising that it can indicate what’s really happening on the inside. 

Have you ever had a sugar indulgence and woken up to a few new blemishes?…suffered with acne to later discover that you are allergic to certain foods?…been going through a particularly stressful time and noticed changes to your skin tone?

Beautiful skin radiates from the inside, so by taking care of your internal environment, health, wellness and vitality will shine through on the outside. 

To begin nurturing your skin, here are 5 simple steps that you can start to implement today that will nourish and promote healthy beautiful skin.

  1. Drink 2-3 litres of water a day. This includes herbal teas but excludes coffee, sugar free soda or energy drinks.
  2. Enjoy a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables with high levels of antioxidants and large doses of vitamins and minerals.
  3. Get 7-9 hours of peaceful, restful sleep each night.
  4. Avoid high sugar, high fat, processed foods.
  5. Get outside daily and feed your skin with fresh air, oxygen and a good dose of vitamin D.

Not only will these steps give your skin a vibrant boost, you will begin to feel improvements to your health, energy and vitality! Action these steps today and feel yourself radiate from the inside out.

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