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Women’s Fitness Trainer and Mind Body Transformation Coach, Laura Bromley, is dedicated to coaching women to overcome their emotional eating and get in the best shape of their lives. Her unique 90 DAY PROGRAMME encompasses all aspects of training, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle to achieve outstanding results with the women she works with.


Training, tracking and 24/7 support provided through our dedicated app...

Tailor made plans, Education, Support and Accountability provided through a dedicated app means you literally have Laura in your back pocket providing you with everything you need to remain focused, on track and motivated to get results!

The community, the support, the training and the app are the best I've ever known!


Whether working out from home or gym, the workouts are tailor made to you, ensuring that they are realistic, enjoyable and effective!


No fad diets and no deprivation. We focus on nourishing your body from the inside out, allowing you to enjoy an array of delicious and nutritious food in abundance. You will be amazed at how much you can enjoy whilst achieving amazing results and feeling incredible!


Long and lasting change isn't achieved without addressing the habits, behaviours and beliefs that have led you to your current situation. We delve deep into why your previous attempts have failed. We focus on making huge shifts in mindset that allow you to step into your best self and go beyond what you ever thought possible!


The simple things matter! The programme wouldn't be complete without addressing key lifestyle habits that enhance health, wellness and vitality. We look at the key factors such daily activity, sleep, stress, hydration plus lots more that lead to a vibrant, energised and fulfilling life!

Meet Laura

I am here to support Mums to overcome their emotional eating and get in the best shape of their life…just when they have forgotten how amazing they are!

I am a strong woman; partner to an amazing man; mother to a remarkable son; daughter and sister to an incredible family and best friend to a small and select group of wonderful women!

My passion for helping others began at a young age and has been the focus of my professional career. I have lived and breathed the health and fitness industry my entire adult life and it is what gets me up every morning!

However I would not have created LB Online Fitness nor would I be so passionate about helping women to eradicate emotional eating, if it wasn’t for my own personal journey. Having battled with bulimia for the majority of my adult life and been vulnerable to emotional binge eating, I know the effects that emotional and powerful food cravings can have and their impact on health, happiness and wellbeing. I know the devastating impact that deep self loathing and negative body image can have on every aspect of our life, from social to professional to personal. I struggled for many years with a variety of disordered eating and consequently, have spent several years in deep introspection, facing my fears and overcoming my battles.

My purpose now is to help other women to overcome their emotional eating, address their challenges, enjoy life and FEEL GOOD!

With over 20 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry, I have enjoyed a variety of roles (Gym Instructor, Semi-Private Group Instructor, Studio Instructor, Personal Trainer, International Ski Instructor, Fitness Manager, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Lecturer, Female Body Transformation Coach, Writer and Business Owner). I have a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science, am StrongFirst and RKC certified, have completed the UKSCA workshops in weightlifting, plyometrics and programming and have an array of additional qualifications from around the globe. I have competed on the European stage in Crossfit, participated in the world of bodybuilding and completed competitions and photoshoots as a Fitness Model.

With my unique blend of personal experiences and professional qualifications, I am immensely privileged to work with women all over the world and help them to feel unequivocally proud of who they are.


With love

Laura x

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